Free Guide to Creating Online, Participatory Worship Services

Angela Gorrell

In the wake of COVID-19, church leaders are conducting worship online. It is tempting to merely stream sermons or create podcasts of sermons. Yet congregants are overloaded with information and deprived of meaningful connection. Congregants are also feeling anxious, fearful, and isolated. They need to be able to share their feelings and experiences with each other, to sense God’s presence, and continue to engage in fulfilling faith activities.

Church leaders can help.

Church leaders can create online, participatory worship services that help congregants to stay connected to one another; provide pastoral care, communion, and tithing options; offer tangible ways congregants can engage in spiritual disciplines and Christian practices; and provide concrete ideas for how congregants can connect across generations and witness to God’s love during this difficult time.

If you would like some inspiration for the coming weeks, technical help, and/or guidance in creating online, participatory worship services, get your free guide at <>.

The guide has three paths. One is the Low Stress path, which offers five bulletins for online worship services and a checklist your team can use to ensure your bulletin is ready to be shared with your congregants. Another is the Create Your Own path, which offers an example bulletin template and a checklist for tailoring the bulletin to your congregation. The final path is Grab and Go. This path is for church leaders who are looking for innovative ways to supplement their online worship plans and help congregants connect, participate in worship online, and live out their faith in the coming weeks.

Empowered by God’s strength and in collaboration with each other, church leaders have a powerful opportunity to care for congregants in significant ways in the coming weeks.

Posted Mar 23, 2020